Bogart's introduces Twix and Mounds-filled doughnuts for Halloween

Spoooooooooooky! And delicious.

Spoooooooooooky! And delicious. Courtesy of Bogart's Doughnuts

Hold onto your witch hats, ladies and gents. Bogart’s just turned your favorite Saturday morning treat into a sugary freak on a leash.

Ever think, “You know what this candy bar needs? A brioche dough exoskeleton.”

Or ever think, “You know what this doughnut needs? To be stabbed in its midsection with a chocolatey Twix bar.”

Bogart’s is here for your outré food fantasies, my dear Dr. Frankensteins. Presenting: the Twix and Mounds candy bar-filled hand pies.

Today through Monday, in honor of Halloween, Bogart’s is saying “To HELL with apple filling!* Our hand pies will ooooooze with gooey chocolate candy! Their confectionary innards will bubble and melt! Muaaahahahahahahaha!”

Go forth, you devilish doughnut fiends. Bring $3, $5 if you want witch’s brew (coffee). Feast on the blood of Mars and the flesh of brioche. Dance by the flickering red light of the Do Not Walk sign at Bryant and 36th Street. Happy Halloween!

*Note: Not an actual quote from Bogart's. Also, don’t be frightened. They still have tart apple-filled hand pies.