Bob Harper from Biggest Loser (rightly) denied a table at La Grassa, gets bitchy on Twitter

Not making his own phone call meant Bob missed out on La Grassa's deliciousness.

Not making his own phone call meant Bob missed out on La Grassa's deliciousness.

Another catfight went down two Saturdays ago in the ongoing and ever-more-ridiculous war between restaurateurs and tweeting foodies.

The Star Tribune recounts Bar La Grassa's social media nightmare surrounding Bob Harper, a trainer on The Biggest Loser who was in town for a MOA appearance and tried, unsuccessfully, to make a last-minute booking at the restaurant--and then subsequently badmouthed La Grassa on Twitter.


The trouble began when Harper tried to make a reservation through American Express's concierge service, versus simply calling himself. Bar La Grassa's manager Michael Lecy politely denied the concierge's late-afternoon request for a 7:30 table for five--the restaurant was, as it usually is on a Saturday night, booked solid--and offered alternate times. AmEx followed with *two* more calls, obnoxiously allowing that the customer was "willing to release his name," but Lecy held his ground. Bar La Grassa's reservation policy is to treat all customers equally and not dump existing reservations in favor of a last-minute "celebrity" booking.

The story took a nasty turn when Harper tweeted that La Grassa's manager had been *rude* to him, even though he never actually spoke to Lecy.

Harper even went so far as to threaten violence, subsequently tweeting his desire to sic his Biggest Loser sidekick on Lecy : "I need @jillianmichaels to unleash on the manager at Bar Lagrasa in Minneapolis. He should be very afraid!!"

Nancy St. Pierre, who runs La Grassa with her husband, chef Isaac Becker, called AmEx and was able to review the recorded conversations. Turns out that Lecy had been perfectly civil when speaking with the company's concierge. Unfortunately, La Grassa was unable to get this information out to Harper's 125,000 Twitter followers before some of them began calling the restaurant to complain. (Seriously, people, how much stock should you put in the Tweets of someone you've never met?)

The Strib's Rick Nelson smartly points out that if Harper had placed the call himself, he would have learned that he actually did have the option of sitting at one of the 20 first-come-first-serve seats at La Grassa's pasta bar. The paper's commenters, are, naturally, engaged in quite a feeding frenzy:

Well, unlike their intended response for me to hate on the 112 Eatery, all this has done is made me think of Bob and his sidekick as spoiled little brats who throw tantrums when they don't get their way. Go back to LA or NYC - we don't worship 3rd rate "Reality tv stars" as real celebrities here. Now local news people, that is a whole different story. (sigh).
posted by misterw on Feb 1, 11 at 12:22 pm |

Let TMZ know what "Minnesota Nice" can be! Everyone puts their underware on one leg at a time! Maybe these "Hollywood types" don't!?
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The offending tweets from @MyTrainerBob

The offending tweets from @MyTrainerBob

I have no idea who this pathetic hack is, but I suggest he be placed inside the Dome with a box of water and Twinkies until spring comes.
posted by petermallard on Feb 1, 11 at 2:00 pm

How about a Tweetapology, @MyTrainerBob?