Blue Plate offers free breakfast on Black Friday

Before you spend, get a free breakfast.
Before you spend, get a free breakfast.

Hardcore holiday shoppers know they're going to be dropping the big bucks on Black Friday. But if they want to fuel up first, they can hit up a Blue Plate restaurant, where the early bird gets the free breakfast.

Doors open at 4 a.m., and the first 250 customers will be treated to discounts on five different breakfasts--French toast, ham and cheese scramble, farmer's breakfast, quiche, or breakfast burrito.

* First 100 guests get a free breakfast * Next 75 guests get 75% off breakfast * Next 50 guests get 50% off breakfast * Next 25 guests get 25% off breakfast

At these participating restaurants:

Edina Grill- 5028 France Avenue South, Edina Longfellow Grill - 2990 West River Parkway, Minneapolis Highland Grill - 771 Cleveland Avenue South, St. Paul 3Squares - 12690 Arbor Lakes Parkway, Maple Grove

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