Blue Ox Coffee Company: A first look at the new south Minneapolis cafe


The revitalization of the stretch of Chicago Avenue at 38th Street just got a jolt with the opening of craft coffee brewer Blue Ox Coffee Company. It's owned and run by the vivacious Melanie Logan, who seems to greet each customer as an old friend. Inside her shop, sunlight pours in the front windows, spilling over the stretch of wood floors, glinting off kitchen tables and chairs. 

After exhaustive research, Logan decided on coffees from Counter Culture and Anodyne coffee of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the morning, fresh pastries from Patisserie 46 are delivered daily, and sandwiches like a sweet, salty fig and prosciutto are made to order. While the foods are tasty, the coffee artistry is the real treat.

[jump] This isn't a grab-and-dash cup of drip coffee. Take a deep breath of the roasty aromas and settle in as the magic happens. Each cup is brewed individually and takes three minutes. The shop has several stations available so a line of customers won't be left waiting too long.

Logan, using her custom medical-grade plastic filters and exotic kettles, deliberately and delicately crafts a rich and supple, sultry brew.  Top with just a drizzle of sweet, luscious cream and savor. If you'd rather go for an espresso mix, the cup is also made with crafted care.

Blue Ox is another place for coffee snobs to geek out, and it doubles as a warm cafe that welcomes its new neighbors with open arms.