Blue M&M "miracle" seems a tad misleading


Remember way back when it was going around that red M&Ms caused cancer (if you ate, like, two tons of them or something)? Well, if you have a heartbeat, you've heard the latest M&M drama, this time over the blue guys and how they might alleviate spinal injuries.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

The compound, called Brilliant Blue G, was injected into the veins of rats within 15 minutes of their receiving a paralyzing injury. The rats given the BBG solution temporarily turned blue and regained their ability to walk, albeit with a limp. The rats that didn't receive the dye also recovered, but to a lesser extent than rats that received BBG.

That's real cool and all, but the dye is apparently only "chemically similar" to the dye used in blue M&Ms. So we don't really get what all the fuss is about. Do you?