Blue Door Pub Longfellow's Baked 'n' Loaded blucy: 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 17

Locked and loaded: that's a serious burger
Locked and loaded: that's a serious burger

The seductive power of a great burger manifests in groups of carnivores who haunt the sidewalks on Selby Avenue outside the original Blue Door Pub location. Stomachs growling, it's as if they can hear that explosive sizzle of meat hitting the hot grill. Toes tapping, they keep time as the the cooks scrape, slap, turn, drop the baskets packed with tots and house made fries into the popping fryers, a sputtering crescendo. They pass the time, waiting for a coveted table inside the tiny restaurant. With the opening of Blue Door's second, larger location in Minneapolis's Longfellow neighborhood, those ravenous cravings no longer need to be kept at bay. Give in to the need for juicy beef surrounding a gooey, cheesy interior and topped with crunchy, salty, spicy, lily-gilding goodness. Give in to the Baked 'n' Loaded Juicy Blucy.

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The square footage isn't the only thing that's been expanded with the new space. With twice as much room, Blue Door has an even larger menu of its signature Blucys, its cheese-stuffed burger. Many of the extras were once Blucys of the Month, specials that have finally found a permanent home.

A beautiful blucy
A beautiful blucy

One such burger is the Baked 'n' Loaded. It's topped with house-made potato chips and a kicky "smack"sauce that has a slow, smoky burn. The toasted bun is buttery, then your teeth plunge through the crisp chips. It's then you find the bacon: oh so smoky, just a little chewy -- a toothsome welcome before you get to the beef. The meat is perfectly cooked, sheltering that cheese. As you pull your face away, it's the cheese that protests, clinging from tooth to the burger still nestled in your grasp. Pulling you back in, it begs for another bite. Oh, yes, that is a burger worth waiting for (it's just that now you won't have to).

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