Blue Door Pub Longfellow to open Tuesday

Jiffy Burger to make Minneapolis debut
Jiffy Burger to make Minneapolis debut

Blucy fans have something to crow about. After an arduous journey, the owners of the Blue Door Pub have announced that their second location is set to open this week. There were community meetings, debate, discussion, and finally renovations. Now we can put those concerns to rest and go back to our original argument: Who has the best cheese-stuffed burgers in Minneapolis?

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At 5 p.m. on Tuesday, the new location will begin serving Juicy Blucys. Because the new place is only two and a half miles from the original, fans are hoping the alternate space will alleviate some of the waiting for the few tables in the original space at Selby and Fairview in St. Paul.

At 4,200 square feet, the new location is almost twice the size of the original. It will have two kitchens, which will also boost capacity and will be used to expand their catering service.

Like the original, expect a serious selection of craft beers. Pictures posted on Blue Door's Facebook pages show Fulton, Indeed, Harriet Brewing, Lift Bridge, Summit, Surly, Hamm's, and more. It is also promising cask ale coming soon.

Expect to see a similar if slightly expanded menu. Some past special Blucys might find a permanent home here. Might as well, they've got the room.

Blue Door Pub Longfellow
3448 42nd Ave. S., Minneapolis

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