Blue Door Pub Longfellow: A first look

Minneapolis boasts their own blucy burger
Minneapolis boasts their own blucy burger
This might be the year of the Longfellow neighborhood. New restaurants are popping up all over this charming corner of the city. Perennially packed Blue Door Pub has finally completed its expansion and opened its new blue door this week. We stopped by for a first bite.

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The restaurant is almost twice the size of the original, which is not to say it's huge. Instead, it's a comfortable, wood-accented neighborhood watering hole. With the added square footage, Blue Door has also expanded the menu.

Their new table known as "The Long Fellow." Clever.
Their new table known as "The Long Fellow." Clever.

New appetizers include the Cry Babies, beer-battered onion chips served with a side of Smack Sauce, a spicy sour cream. We tried the new Pork Belly Fritters, in which brined pork belly is slow cooked and ground up before being battered and deep fried.  Drizzled with a spicy mayonnaise, they tasted like crunchy-coated, reconstituted Bac-Os.

Pork Belly Fritters taste like breaded bacon
Pork Belly Fritters taste like breaded bacon

A bunch of new burgers are on the menu as well. The Pastramilicious, Blue Door's first featured Blucy of the Month at the original location (a "juicy blucy" is the restaurant's cheeky name for its cheese-stuffed burgers), has found a permanent home on the new menu. It's a burger stuffed with pepperjack cheese, spread with cream cheese, and topped with pastrami.

We sampled the Baked 'N' Loaded, a burger packed with gooey Colby cheese and topped with house-made potato chips, bacon, and a wallop of that smack sauce. Each bite was a crunchy, juicy, spicy, creamy, crunchy, salty good time -- a cravable burger whether you're baked, fried, or stone-cold sober.

Locked and loaded: that's a serious burger
Locked and loaded: that's a serious burger

Speaking of sobriety, the beer selection has also been expanded. Even more craft beers are available, including a great selection of local brews. A frosty, chestnut-colored pint from Harriet Brewing paired beautifully with the burger.

Initial reaction shows just how anxious the neighborhood has been for a great pub. Booths built for two were packed with four people on opening night. On our visit, the room was buzzing but not overly busy. Will we grow spoiled now, being able to just walk right in, sit down, and enjoy a Jiffy Burger and beer any hour of the day? Time will tell, but the first bite indicates that the Blue Door Pub hasn't lost a bit of that flavor magic that made the original location such a savory success.

Blue Door Pub Longfellow 
3448 42nd Ave. S., Minneapolis
Blue Door website
Open 11 am - 1 am

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