Bloomy's Roast Beef says goodbye

No more beef for you

No more beef for you

The team behind Bloomy's Roast Beef has decided that this winter won't just be a hiatus, but the end of their food truck business altogether. Yesterday they announced that they have made the difficult decision to pack up the roast beef recipe and sell their food truck.

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Katie and Ryan Bloomstrom have decided to focus full time on their day jobs. We asked Katie how they managed to work a truck and maintain full-time regular employment, as it seems like no one can keep up that kind of schedule. "Exactly," she said. "We were burning the candle at both ends."

She also had some parting words for Bloomy's and food truck fans. "We would like to thank our fans for their love of roast beef and food trucks.  They can help other trucks by telling cities like Bloomington, Edina, and Minnetonka to open up to food trucks, and of course by eating at trucks a few times per week.  Focus on the trucks that make food from scratch and book them for catering events to keep our amazing food alive." 

If you've got a food truck dream burning inside of you, the Bloomy's truck is for sale for $69,500. You can read all about it here.

Best of luck, Bloomstroms. Thank you for those wonderful curbside meals.

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