Bloody Mary Bill: No More Waiting for Booze at Sunday Brunch


Waking up early on Sunday morning is hideous enough. But when you need some hair of the dog urgently and no brunch place serves that particular brand of pick-me-up before 10 a.m.? There is weeping. There is gnashing of teeth. Won't anybody help?

The Minnesota legislature hears your cries.

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This week, the Senate Commerce Committee passed a bill that would allow restaurants to pour a stiff drink as early as 8 a.m. on Sundays. The bill is authored by Rep. Jim Metzen (DFL-St. Paul) and passed with next to no debate in committee. Sunday is "not different from any other day of the week," said Metzen, echoing the sentiments of every hungover sadsack watching the minutes tick away until brunch time.

The bill will go to the Senate floor next, where with Metzen's backing, it will likely go down as smooth as a light beer chaser.

The Senate is also considering growler refills on Sunday and distillery off-sales. Those are also included in the House omnibus liquor bill, as is the 8 a.m. "Bloody Mary bill." This means, come July, there should be no more waiting for your wake-up cocktail when Sunday morning comes earlier than you'd hoped, and no more desperate midday drives to Wisconsin -- unless New Glarus is the only craft brew that will do.

A repeal of the Sunday sales ban is still off the table, but the great state of Minnesota is inching ever closer to getting some of those outdated blue laws off the books.

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