Blacklist Brewing Beer + Art Project

It's been a busy couple of days in the local beer world, with multiple announcements of old projects moving forward and new ones in the works. Much has already been written about 612 Brew finding a space and ordering equipment. Fitger's move to launch a branch in the Twin Cities has also been copiously reported. But a third announcement of a new brewery scheme slipped quietly into my email inbox on the same day as these others. Actually it's two new schemes, both hatched by the same people; Blacklist Brewing Beer + Art Project and a revival of the Joseph Wolf Brewery in Stillwater.

The Blacklist Brewing Beer + Art Project is the brainchild of seven-year-veteran brewer Brian Schanzenbach and marketing guy/certified cicerone Jon Loss. The duo plans to operate as itinerant brewery in the mold of Denmark's Mikkeller, leasing time and space at other breweries to make their beer, although they haven't ruled out eventually building their own plant. They're looking to blend art and craft beer by building collaborations with regional artists, matching their unique beers with original artworks, with a new beer and a new artist every month starting in 2013.

Blacklist will also use a membership model similar to Crooked Stave in Colorado. Membership buys you a monthly shipment of beer and art. Different membership levels get you different amounts of each. Memberships are already available for purchase at the Blacklist Kickstarter project page. A glance at the proposed beer list reveals some creative concoctions, including a lot of sour beers. Does a white grape strong Belgian golden tweak your interest? How about an imperial IPA with fennel and spruce?

But that's not all. Loss and Schanzenbach are involved in a second project centered in Stillwater. They are collaborating with the great-granddaughters of the Joseph Wolf family to revitalize the pre-Prohibition brewery of the family name. They plan to introduce 750 ml bottles of Belgian strong golden and Berliner Weiss in Stillwater and at limited outlets in the Twin Cities metro later this summer. Initially these beers will be brewed at Dubrue in Duluth. Apparently the group is trying to purchase the old Wolf brewery buildings on Main Street in Stillwater but are running into some difficulty. No wonder, as these historic buildings are already home to several successful businesses like the Luna Rossa wine bar.

Cheers, Michael Agnew Certified Cicerone A Perfect Pint

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