Blackeye Roasting Co.'s Chicago Avenue coffeeshop has closed

Blackeye logo. Propped stool. Closed sign on the door. That's all she wrote!

Blackeye logo. Propped stool. Closed sign on the door. That's all she wrote! Sarah Brumble

In its early days, Blackeye Roasting Co. was operated by "garage-door entrepreneurs who got lucky," kegging enough cold brew in founder Matt McGinn's apartment  to wire a small army.

The Twin Cities coffee company has grown and changed significantly since then. Blackeye's distinctive black and blue cans filled with nitro cold brew are distributed at over 2,000 locations far and wide, ranging from your local co-op to Target.

But one place you'll no longer find the brand's caffeinated brews is at Blackeye's coffee shop on Chicago Avenue and East 38th Street.

Where customers in the Powderhorn neighborhood once got their morning (afternoon, evening…) coffee fix, stools rest upturned on counters, and a lonely aloe plant grows toward its unattended storefront. A sign on the front door now instructs postal carriers to "return all mail to sender," while a separate bulletin thanks customers and neighbors for their patronage, bidding them "goodbye for now." Given that one of these signs suggest the that shop's last day was March 1, it's unlikely this has much to do with COVID-19… 

Ryan Bachman, owner and COO of Blackeye was unreachable before press time for comment on what led to the shop's closure, and that hopeful "for now" element. City Pages will update accordingly if and when a response arrives.

For those who enjoy the human element provided by Blackeye's friendly staff, the company's last brick-and-mortar operation remains open for business in the Minneapolis skyway at 330 Second Ave. S. #210 until 2 p.m. daily.