Blackbird reopens! Can I use an old gift certificate at the new restaurant?


Blackbird Cafe reopened this week in its new location at 38th and Nicollet, prompting this reader question:

If I have a gift certificate to Blackbird. Is it still good at the new Blackbird? Am I an asshole for wanting to use it? Or does this GC not apply since, in theory, this is a different restaurant, so I just have to eat the GC?


Great question. I touched base with co-owner Gail Mollner to learn about Blackbird's gift card policy, and here's what she said: "We are still able to take gift cards. We have the same point of sale cash register system that uses the same Valutec brand gift cards, so there's absolutely no reason that someone wouldn't have the ability to use the gift card again. There might be a delay in their ability to use it because we're setting our gift card system back up. ...They might not be able to redeem it right away the first week we're open."

And I don't think you're an asshole for wanting to use the card. Assuming you--or someone else--already paid the restaurant for it, you're entitled to redeem the card, as Blackbird is still the same business, in a new location. The fire was a big setback for the restaurant, certainly, but those financial concerns are between the owners and their insurance company, not their customers. If you want to show Blackbird how much you value them, I'd suggest treating yourself to a blowout meal and spending beyond the gift card's value.