Black Sheep now open for lunch


You can almost hear the uniform cheers coming from the Warehouse District. Due to popular demand, Black Sheep is now open for lunch. The restaurant began opening at 11:30 a.m. daily earlier this month.

Downtown lunch crowds -- including CP staffers -- now have significantly richer competition to choose from along Washington Ave. N. -- what with sandwiches (Be'wiched), bar food (Cuzzy's), upscale eats (Sapor), and now pizza all available within blocks of each other.

The restaurant's pizza menu remains the same for lunch (why mess with a good thing?) but to accommodate some diners' lunchtime preference for lighter fare, the restaurant's focusing on making its salads more protein-driven.

We're wondering if the additional hours will thin the nighttime crowds at the restaurant any, though we have to admit we love the welcoming atmosphere of Black Sheep -- including the very typical shoulder to shoulder crowds at dinnertime -- no matter what.