Bizarre World - Wisconsin airs tonight


Andrew Zimmern's new show "Bizarre World" features the great state of Wisconsin on tonight's episode. It's kind of funny: The show has traveled to far-flung places like Cuba, South Africa, and Indonesia. And now Wisconsin? It airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel. says the restaurants and foods featured on the hour-long program will be:

Ian's Pizza (Madison): Macaroni Pizza, Lasagna Pizza

Mercado El Ray [sic] [Milwaukee]: Menudo, Beef Stomach and Tongue Tacos

Polonez [St. Francis]: Pierogies, Czernina (Duck Blood Soup)

Lake Tomahawk Meat Market (Lake Tomahawk): Lutefisk Brat, Specialty Brat (wild rice, cheddar, cranberry, jalapeno pepper, sauerkraut, and bacon)

Chalet Cheese Co-Op (Monroe): Limburger Cheese (Stinky!)