Bitesquad food delivery service launches

Ginger Hop's menu now available for delivery through Bitesquad
Ginger Hop's menu now available for delivery through Bitesquad
Bre McGee
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If you're living in downtown Minneapolis or anywhere in the Uptown area, you already have quite a variety of dining options right outside your door. But what if you don't want to leave the house? Aside from pizza, Chinese food, and a couple other outliers, not nearly enough places offer the convenience of delivery. A handful of independent companies have taken note of that gap, including the newly launched Rock-It Bike Delivery and Restaurant Connection Minneapolis. And now there's Bitesquad, a new, higher-tech service available to you for those lazy weekends and busy nights.

Co-founded by Kian Salehi, a U of M graduate who also co-founded the popular local deals website Crowdcut, Bitesquad's service is distinguishing itself from the competition by putting its emphasis on technology and the ability to update its customers on the status of their orders in real time. To that end, all of Bitesquad's partnering restaurants are supplied with tablets so they can mark when an order is received, picked up by the driver, and on its way to your house. 

The ordering process is also quite simple. Enter your zip code on Bitesquad's website and get a list of the partnering restaurants that will deliver to your area. Though the company is saying they mainly deliver to downtown and Uptown Minneapolis, I entered a zip code in the Longfellow neighborhood and got 19 restaurants.

Bitesquad plans to expand quickly, but it is now working with Element Pizza, Quang's, Uptown Bulldog, Gardens of Salonica, 7 Sushi, Moto-i, Key's Cafe, Dancing Ganesha, and Ginger Hop, among others.

There are caveats: There's a $25 minimum on each order and a $5 delivery charge. Convenience doesn't always come cheap.

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