Bison burger from Hell

Chef Joe Westhausen talks about forming meat patties
Chef Joe Westhausen talks about forming meat patties

Make that Hell's Kitchen... My normal routine of visiting the Mill City Farmers Market was a bit different this week as the market was celebrating Grazefest, an event put on by the Sustainable Farmers Association promoting good farming practices. They paired up local chefs who focus on sustainability with a few of the market's farmers and presented demos of some of their restaurants' favorite dishes. Chef Joe Westhausen of Hell's Kitchen was up first, preparing a Greek-style Bison burger with feta from Prairie Hollow Farms.

Bison burger from Hell

Joe Hatch-Surisook from Sen Yai Sen Lek was up next preparing Nuea Yang Naam Tok, a flavorful fresh steak salad using beef from Lighthouse farms. I learned my favorite new Thai cooking trick from Joe's cooking demo: Marinate your meat in fish sauce before grilling. With its high salt content, it serves as a perfect marinade. Brilliant!


Bison burger from Hell

Wrapping it all up Chef Lori Valenizano of Lucia's made a prefect summer sandwich featuring the well-known Shepard's Way sheep's milk cheese and merguez sausages along with some grilled veggies. It was a good reminder how easy a gourmet sandwich can really be to make at home.


Accepting an invite to try Sauce before it opened to the general public, I wanted my favorite options: caprese salad and margherita pizza. Though margherita wasn't on the menu, you could build your own pizza, and all of the ingredients were available, so I specified each ingredient separately. Apparently something was lost in translation, as I just received a cheese pizza with basil on top. It was still tasty, but not quite what I had in mind. The caprese, on the other hand, was even farther from what I was expecting. Chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese and tomatoes surrounded by lettuce and croutons. Huh? If I'm in the area again, I would certainly go back to give it another shot. Next time maybe I'll just order off the menu.


Bison burger from Hell

I headed to Cafeteria last Friday to see what it was all about, and to shoot some photos for a Heavy Table review. I can't say many positive things about the food experience we had, but the bao buns sure were pretty.

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