Birchwood Cafe hosts Farmer Meet & Eat with Izzy's Jeff Sommers

An ice cream Meet & Eat

An ice cream Meet & Eat

On Saturday, July 16 from 1-3 p.m., Birchwood Cafe will hold a Farmer Meet & Eat event with Izzy's owner Jeff Sommers. While he may not work the land, when Sommers and wife Lara Hammel made the decision to get their dairy from Wisconsin's Sassy Cow Creamery, it put them that much closer to the cattle. They've reformulated all their flavors, and Sommers is ready to dish on that and the other innovative strategies Izzy's has embraced over the years--from solar panels to Iphone apps.


Izzy's originally worked with the Pride of Main Street Dairy and then Classic Mix Partners, but always wanted a smaller, family farm supplier. Sommers says now when he calls to order from Sassy Cow, he might even hear a moo in the background. The final reformulated flavor to hit the stores was vanilla, which happened about 30 days ago.

Created by Birchwood owner Tracey Singleton, the Farm Meet & Eat will give folks a chance to ask the Izzy's principal what it took to affect this change and what's next for the award-winning ice cream maker. He'll be there with one of his staff at the casual event to give out tastes and answer any burning (or freezing) questions. And yes, there will be free ice cream for all who attend. That's what you were really wondering, right? 

Izzy's Farmer Meet & Eat @ Birchwood Cafe
Saturday, June 16; 1-3 p.m.
3311 East 25th St., Minneapolis