Birchwood accepting food donations in honor of MLK


The Birchwood Cafe's taking to heart Martin Luther King, Jr.'s commitment to service by launching a weeklong food collection starting today. Donated items will go to a local food shelf.

At Birchwood we do what we can toward a dream for a sustainable food system based on local food economies that everyone will have access to. In the short run, though, we recognize it is important that everyone has access to food, period. Join us in having this day "ON" instead of a day "OFF", to collect non perishable food items for the Minnehaha Food Shelf. Last year we collected over 400 lbs! Please consider the source for your donated items. Choose foods you'd feel good about feeding family and friends. Food donations will be accepted through Sun 1/24.


Check here if you're looking for other ways to serve the community today. If you're digging on the whole food donation route though, and have Haiti on your mind as so many of us do, Whole Foods is accepting donations on behalf of the country's residents.