Bigger, 'more badass' Pajarito Dos opening in Edina very soon

Pajarito co-owners and co-chefs Tyge Nelson and Stephan Hesse plan to open in Edina March 19.

Pajarito co-owners and co-chefs Tyge Nelson and Stephan Hesse plan to open in Edina March 19. Star Tribune

Since last fall, devotees of Pajarito, St. Paul’s purveyors of refined Mexican cuisine, have looked forward to precisely this announcement. 

Co-owners and executive chefs Stephan Hesse and Tyge Nelson are within days of opening a second, much-anticipated Pajarito at 50th and France Avenue. Longtime restaurateur and partner Charlie Burrows will join for this Edina adventure, where everyone involved is looking to continue stepping up their game.

“We’ve taken everything we learned with our first restaurant and worked it into this site,” said Hesse via a statement to press, which also suggested the new Edina location would be “a bit more badass” than the first.

Guests will find nearly 9,000 square feet of space divided across two levels for dining and drinking (for reference: that’s nearly twice as large as Pajarito Uno). For those properly warm days on our horizon that just beg for outdoor seating, the restaurant will accommodate a whopping 190 guests in total, nearly 50 of whom will fight for the right to bask in the sunshine. A good chunk of those other 140 may end up in Pajarito’s “moody” downstairs bar, which doubles as a private event space.

“We’ve turned down a lot of requests for private events over the years,” explains Nelson. “Our St. Paul restaurant simply doesn’t have the space for them, but here in Edina we’re excited to have the room to do so without disrupting our regular diners.”

Pajarito Dos will continue to serve dishes that mirror the nuanced flavors that made the original so successful, including a full bar program focusing on fine tequilas (yes, Pajarito’s rapturous Habanero Margarita will make the leap). Six styles of tacos will come with, too, as are their drool-worthy elote-style Brussels sprouts, and that pork chop al pastor.

Nelson and Hesse plan to make good use of the pizza ovens left behind from the space’s previous life as a Mozza Mia. Think: two new wood-fired variations of Oaxaca’s iconic tlayudas

Doors to Pajarito’s Edina location will open to guests beginning at 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 19. 

3910 W. 50th St., Edina