Bigfoot made out of beef jerky [PHOTO]

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In honor of National Jerky Day (that's today for those of you who didn't already have it on your calendar), Jack Link's, now one of the "fastest-growing meat snack manufacturers in the world," has created an all-jerky portrait of Sasquatch, the creature featured in its current ad campaign.

The portrait was made by Jason Mecier, a San Francisco-based mosaic artist who is known for his bean and noodle portrait of Buffy Summers, Condoleeza Rice made of actual rice, and a card made of holiday candy that features the Olsen twins. It took more than 16 pounds of jerky, which is about 80 bags, of Jack's snack meats to make this work of art.  

Here's a photo:

[jump] If you are hoping to celebrate the holiday locally, Jack Link's will be at the Mall of America handing out samples.  
Courtesy Jack Link's