Big Mac snack wrap descends on the Twin Cities

Big Mac snack wrap descends on the Twin Cities

While Canadians have been throwing 'em back for months now, McDonald's has lately seen fit to unveil its Big Mac Snack Wraps to a broader audience. The fast food chain has been rolling out the new menu item across the United States -- including Twin Cities locations -- in the last week or so.

The Chicago Tribune describes the wrap as a cross between one of the restaurant's chicken wraps and a Big Mac, featuring "a sliced burger patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but no sesame-seed bun." READ: It's a Big Mac wrapped in a tortilla.

Love how it's referred to as a "snack" and can't help but wonder if the tortilla is meant to be "healthy." Let us know what you think. All the Uptown-area McDonald's I called said they're serving them.

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