Big Bowl Galleria's pomegranate ginger ale is fizzy and fresh

Fizzy, fresh and non-alcoholic

Fizzy, fresh and non-alcoholic

Pomegranate Ginger Ale


Big Bowl - Edina

3669 Galleria, Edina


We admit that the Hot Dish has a tendency to highlight the libations. So, this week we present a tasty, accessible alternative -- and we're glad to do it. And, it's even at a chain restaurant. Have we jumped the shark? No way. When you've tasted this sublime mocktail, you'll know we've still got our marbles and our tastebuds.

We bellied up to the bar at the Big Bowl Galleria recently and asked for this specialty of the house. 

[jump] The Big Bowl pomegranate ginger ale is a delicious combo of all-natural pomegranate juice, house made ginger syrup, soda water and a wedge of lime. It benefits hugely from fresh ginger in the mix and the fact that the staff regularly makes the spiced syrup in the back of the restaurant, on site. It provides the perfect foil to the sweetish pomegranate flavor and bubbly seltzer. Plus it comes in a huge glass with lots of ice, so the zesty, fruity flavor never warms up. When you feel like indulging without imbibing, this drink fills the bill, delivering a fizzy and fresh tingle from the carbonation and ginger. Shop on afterward, never losing a step.