Bibuta could be your new go-to skyway lunch spot

Will you crave it every day? Only one way to find out!

Will you crave it every day? Only one way to find out! Emily Cassel

If you stop by a new skyway spot and snag lunch for your co-workers, a very good sign is to get a text like this less than 24 hours later:


Look at that time stamp! This was a pre-11 a.m. sushirrito craving! 

As for the culprit behind this late-morning raw fish need?

Why, that's none other than Bibuta. The popular sushi/sushi burrito/poke bowl food truck—once chosen by the good people here at City Pages as the best in the city—just opened a fast-casual space in the Northstar Center skyway.

If you're already familiar with the food truck operation, the menu at Bibuta's brick-and-mortar won't be a big shock to ya. Expect the standard sushi preparations (bowls, burritos, salads), along with a few "quick bites" like spring rolls. It's not just sushi, either: Bowl and burrito options include pork belly or beef, and there's a veggie version with avocado, cukes, and pickled carrots for those who prefer to munch on plants.

Bowl and burrito prices fall in the $12 to $13 range; salads start at $7 and go up to $13. Which ain't half bad when you factor in the pretty handsome portions you're getting. Let's get a closer look at that sushi bowl, for example...

Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel

This is the part where I'll share a shameful secret: The decision to share with my co-workers was not a wholly selfless act. I only offered up bites of burrito because it was a lot of food for a lone desk jockey to tackle during lunch—though they were tasty, too. Pork belly? Tender? Sushi? Fresh as heck! 

Anyway, you can find Bibuta in the skyway level of the Northstar building at Marquette and Seventh in downtown Minneapolis.

Sharing, of course, is optional.

Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel