Be'Wiched Deli crafts a mean egg salad sandwich

Be'Wiched Deli's Egg Salad Sandwich
Be'Wiched Deli's Egg Salad Sandwich
Teddy Hobbins

Egg salad is my ingredient of choice when I'm craving a change of pace. If I'm not making my own, I need to get it somewhere special, and Be'Wiched Deli is just the place for special sandwiches. Frequent trips manufactured high hopes for their egg salad, especially since I've developed quite an appreciation for their house made ingredients.

It's hard not to notice what a tremendous value the sandwich ($6.50) is the second it comes out. There must have been half a dozen eggs folded into the lush yet light salad. The mixture was stuffed into a dense and herb-flecked focaccia featuring a crisp and salty crust. The sandwich also incorporates a combination of robust roasted sweet and hot peppers that add both flair and flavor on top of a gentle heat and sweet finish--a total game changer. A rigid romaine leaf provided a little snap and the texture needed to organize the thick salad. I could have used a dusting of black pepper to help elevate the mix, but that was an easy enough fix on my own.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. This sandwich was perfectly picnic-worthy and offered the expected change of pace. Egg salad can seem boring on the surface, but when put in the hands of sandwich artisans it can be a thing of lunchtime beauty.

Epic Sandwich Copyright 2010 by Teddy Hobbins

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