Betty Danger's Country Club to join Psycho Suzi's family

Psycho Suzi's is about to get a major makeover and a ferris wheel
Psycho Suzi's is about to get a major makeover and a ferris wheel
Michelle Leon

Since Psycho Suzi's moved to its riverside location at 1900 Marshall Avenue, its original storefront home a few blocks away has remained empty. Leslie Bock, owner of the popular tiki bar and lounge, headed up the hunt for a buyer for the unique space, but after two years of searching Bock has finally decided to buy it herself and open a new restaurant, reports the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

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In the tradition of Bock's other theme restaurants (Donny Dirk's Zombie Den and Pyscho Suzi's -- along with piercing and tattoo parlor Saint Sabrina's), her latest concept is based on a character she dreamt up, and the buildout plans are rather ambitious. Betty Danger's Country Club will feature a menu of "Minnesota Tex-Mex" food and dangerous cocktails, pending Class E liquor license approval.

Bock tells the Daily Planet that the existing patio will be put to good use. She's planning to create a vertically revolving patio where customers can dine and drink while taking in the surrounding sights. There are also plans to build a mini golf course on the lot, but Bock clarifies that all the added attractions won't be obnoxious or obtrusive and instead "will feature softly lit moving gondolas, muted colors, and quiet operation."

Although she's occupied the space before, Bock will have to present plans for Betty Danger's to the Concerned Citizens of Marshall Terrace group on June 20. Stay tuned for updates.

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