Best of Hot Dish: September 20-24, 2010

Have a nice trip, see you next fall.

It's officially fall, the time for scarfs and sweaters, pots of soup, whole chickens roasting with lemons and garlic--this is the season that many consider the best time of the year. The Hot Dish brings you the recipes, food events, and news to help you enjoy the tastes of the season. Here is a recap of some of our favorite stories:

~Lisa Gulya had a little chat with Salty Tart's Michelle Gayer, and you get to listen in.

~A lovely evening is planned this Monday with the St. Innocent Wine Dinner at Luci Ancora: seven courses, seven fine wines.

~That silver fox Mark Dayton talks to Monica Wright on food issues and pretzel M&Ms.

~Marsha Trainer gets sporty with her story on Top 5 food stops on the Grand Rounds,( not to be confused with this place.)

~Who doesn't like pancakes? Rachel Hutton breaks it down with her Top 5 Twin Cities pancakes list.

Have a bicycle-riding, pancake-eating, wine-dinner-attending weekend! See you next week.

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