Best of Hot Dish: October 4-8, 2010

Bin Wine Bar
Pot Brownie (get it?)

Hello, readers. We have really enjoyed giving you the Dish all week long with so many food and drink happenings in our little world. Here are a few highlights of this week's news:

~Now is the season to stock up like little squirrels for the winter, time to buy a whole shopping cart full of wine, and there is no better place than Surdyk's wine sale for this task. Let John Glas suggest some picks and also check out the new Surdyk's Flight's (get it?) space at the airport.

~Put on your hemp pants and check out the pot brownie at Bin. No it's not made of weed, but it's still satisfies the munchies.

~We know everyone has been dying to try a camel burger and now the dream can be realized at Safari Express in the Midtown Global Market.

~Beloved Twins vendor Wally the Beerman gets busted for selling beer to an underage drinker and moves on to Sneaky Pete's.

~Want to know what restaurants are open, closed or coming soon? Check out the ever informative month in review and find out.

Have a wonderful, warm and fuzzy weekend. See you next week!

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