Best of Hot Dish: November 26-30, 2012

Sausage party! It's the best of the wurst at New Bohemia.
Sausage party! It's the best of the wurst at New Bohemia.
E. Katie Holm
It's been another special week at the Hot Dish during this holiday season. We've got all the latest food and drink news, right here. Check out a few of the week's top stories.
 ~Because French fries are made for lovin', these are our picks for the Cities' top 10, as well as a gratuitous French fry slideshow.

~Meat and beer--simple and completely satisfying. New Bohemia Wurst and BierHaus gives this concept a modern spin (think rattlesnake-and-rabbit sausage). Take a little tour and read our review.

~ The highly anticipated metamorphosis of World Street Kitchen from food truck to bonafide restaurant has taken place. Here's your first peek at the new Lyn-Lake hot spot. 

~Watch as Marvel Bar's unflappable Pip Hansen keeps the drinks a-shakin as all hell breaks loose. 

~Where does one of the Cities' primo chefs eat on his day off? Find out as we check in with Don Saunders of the Kenwood.

Have yourselves the most wonderful of weekends. See you here next week!

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