Best of Hot Dish: May 3rd-7th, 2010

Best of Hot Dish: May 3rd-7th, 2010

Hey there! How's your mom and them? Busy reading the latest and greatest in Twin Cities food news here at Hot Dish, I am sure. Not only are we sharing the area's food news, this week we also have stories from all over this crazy world. Here are some of our favorite stories from this week:

~Monica Wright gives us the scoop on the World Cup of potato chip flavors, sponsored by Walker chips, and potheads around the world rejoice. You can vote! And just so you know, Monica loves her some Cajun Squirrel.

~This one was from Friday, but it is never too late to share the joys of the cupcake cannon. Because what is more fun than a cupcake in the face?

~Call your boss and tell him/her you are going to be sick very soon: it is almost Minnesota Craft Beer Week!!!!!

~This Sunday stop by the Triple Rock for Gastro Non Grata. Music, food, and Death's Door Spirits.

~Matt and Rachel have lots of great ideas about where to have Mother's Day Brunch. Isn't that the least you can do for her? You know, with the giving birth to you and all. However, I am not sure my mom would be too thrilled with 2 for 1 bloody marys, but you never know...

Have a great weekend and be sure to say "hi" to your mom for me. And do us a favor and promise not to take her to the SuperMom's bakery.

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