Best of Hot Dish: May 24-28, 2010

I know what I'm making this weekend
I know what I'm making this weekend

Well, hello there! We hope you had a wonderful week full of delicious meals, thoughtful conversation, and ice cold beverages. Memorial Day weekend is quite classic with its BBQing, lake swimming, firework lighting, good times.We hope you get to do all those things or nothing at all if that is what you prefer. Just be sure to get in some super happy relaxation.

This week we had so many great stories. Here are a few you may have missed, or might care to give a second glance:

~Rachel Hutton eats pie from a mysterious locale, and inquiring minds want to know where that be? in the fun-filled new "Where am I Eating" blog, coming to you each Monday.

~Find out the most popular dishes from the chefs and customers of Town Talk Diner, Bar La Grassa and more.

~Rob Barrett unleashes his culinary prowess as he shows us how to make the perfect-for-summer dish, mango with sticky rice, in this video.

~Minnesota Monthly arts editor, Tim Gihring, discusses the connection between food and art in a probing discussion with Monica Wright.

~Wondering what to throw on the BBQ this weekend? Here are our Top 5 suggestions.

Ok, I have to go. There is a lawnchair with a cooler next to it both calling out their siren song to me. Have a great big ole food eating, drink drinking, long ass weekend!

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