Best of Hot Dish: May 23-27, 2011

sue clark/flickr
This is what we're doing this weekend.

It's Memorial Day weekend, and all we need is a romp through a meadow, a grill full of meat, cold, wheaty beer, and you.

That, and to share a few highlights from this week's Hot Dish.

Nikki Miller shows us five ways to celebrate National Strawberry Month.

Check out the tasty slideshow of Sun Street Breads.

The Surly bill has become a new law! Destination breweries for all our friends.

Common Roots goes head-to-head with French Meadow, as Lyndale Avenue becomes a veggie burger battleground in Food Fight.

Food trucks are getting hella exposure, yet it's still exciting to see them holding court each Wednesday in St. Paul.

Happy long weekend, friends!

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