Best of Hot Dish: March 22-26

If last week's Hot Dish theme was beer, well we've got beer for you this week too, but this week we also talked about wine a lot: wine tastings and road trips to local wineries (with pit stops for Spring Grove soda on the way), Target Field wine (crazy!), and just plain old wine (how about some from Chile?). Here's our favorite Hot Dish posts from this week:

  • Rob Barrett checks out the Chicago Home Show. (Is it just us or do several "innovative" new products just look like reconfigured sex toys?)
  • We're sponsoring a wine tasting tonight featuring over 300 wines. Wanna go?
  • Did you know the United States gets more wine from Chile than anywhere except Italy, France, and Australia? One more reason to have some Chilean wine this weekend.
  • Grain Belt Nordeast, Shells' new American amber lager, drops April 7. Smokin'!!!
  • Minnesota's got mad finalists for the 2010 James Beard Foundation Awards: Michelle Gayer, Isaac Becker, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, and more.

Enjoy the weekend!

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