Best of Hot Dish: March 12-March 16, 2012

​The longer days and warm rays of sunshine means things are looking quite fine here in the Twin Cities. A perfect time to enjoy food and drink that is equally as lovely. Since we love keeping you informed of all the Cities' lastest food news, we now bring you the week's top stories:

~We learned a little more about Paul Berglund of The Bachelor Farmer in Chef Chat.

~Get down and dirty with our picks of the area's Top 10 dive bars.

~If you prefer your drinks more old-timey, then you might like Vintage Liquor Thursdays at the Modern Cafe.

~Celebrate National Noodle Month with Nick Eldorado of LIKEHELL.

~In a unique turn, Azia is returning to its old space on Eat Space.

Now get out there and enjoy the weekend! We'll see you here next week. 

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