Best of Hot Dish: June 7-11


Happy Friday! This week the writers at Hot Dish have been working hard to make sure you are up to date on the food scene. Here are a few of our favorite things, in case you missed them:

~ The ever fascinating Sven Sundgaard talks to Monica Wright about his choice of eats.

~Cub takes on Walmart in the Battle of the Midway. Walmart is being called out for selling too many groceries, and mayhem ensues. Sun Foods could kick both their asses.

~Not sure where to eat while watching The World Cup? Rachel Hutton gives international suggestions in her blog World Cup Eats.

~It has been a long wait, but First Avenue nightclub now has a full-service restaurant!

~In the month before he opens Heartland Restaurant and Farm Direct Market in Lowertown, Lenny Russo took the time to talk to The Hot Dish in this three-part series.

Any day now the sun is going to peek out of the clouds and it will burst into a weekend of glory. And if not, it will still be perfect to head to your local tavern, order a pint, and watch the World Cup!