Best of Hot Dish: June 27-July 1

Fourth of July it up!
Fourth of July it up!

Getting ready for some sky rockets in flight? So are we, there's Jell-O to be molded, flag cakes to be Cool Whipped, and watermelons needing to be halved and jagged around their edges. But before we get to that we want to make sure you didn't miss some of the great stories we had this week:

~Nikki Miller talks to Foxy Falafel's Erica Strait, and finds out what makes her falafels especially foxy.

~Do you get freaked out at Taste of Minnesota because you don't know what to eat first, or don't want to waste precious belly space on the wrong item? Let Rachel Hutton help as she suggests the best eats and drinks at Taste of Minnesota:.

~Hot Dish hearts Chef Shack and welcomes them to 5th and Hennepin!

~Wanna see some peeps eating copious amounts of food very quickly? Matt Smith brings us the magical world of disgusting competitive eaters.

~Who wouldn't scream for Surly Bender ice cream at Sebastian Joe's?

~We were really worried that you would not know what drinks to prepare on the 4th, so here are some ideas---just be sure to get to the liquor store on the 3rd...

Be safe, have fun, and make it a super fly Fourth of July!

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