Best of Hot Dish: July 26-30


We hope your week has been joyful and drenched with good food and drink. This week at the Hot Dish we talked about first dates and wineology, and had oh so many Top lists. Here are a few items we wouldn't want you to miss.

~Yeah, Andrew Zimmern eats penises--tell us something we didn't know. Like how he used to steal purses and didn't shower for a year. Rachel Hutton brings you the scoop.

~Resident wine geek John Glas asks the probing question, What kind of wine drinker are you? Yes, you.

~First dates, an awkward ritual full of pitfalls and potential humiliations. Matt Smith wants to help make things a little smoother with a little list he calls Top 10 things you should never eat on a first date.

~Al Franken loves himself some Minnesota sweet corn! Find out just how much in his interview with Monica Wright.

~Do you constantly have to deflect the stink-eye when taking your kids out to eat? Let us help with this list of the Top 5 kid-friendly restaurants in Minneapolis.

One last thought: How about a list called the Top 10 things you should never eat on a first date with Andrew Zimmern? Or maybe we just don't want to go there. While you ponder that thought, don't forget to have a great weekend!

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