Best of Hot Dish: July 12-16

It has been a wonderful week here in the Cities, and we hope we can help you decide what food-and-drink-related fun to partake of this weekend. What with pies, ice cream, wine, beer, and pastries all represented, the possibilities are endless. While you decide what to do first, here are some scrumptious stories you might have missed.

~Gaze upon Kate N.G. Sommers' lush photos of Patisserie 46's heaven-sent pastries.

~Cole Weiland from the band Daughters of the Sun shares his Rad Tempeh Burrito recipe with y'all during a late-night burrito fest with Nikki Miller.

~Nachos are among the world's most delectable and social foods, but there's more to them than you might have thought. Rachel Hutton talks with the two guys behind the Nachos Veritas website, who are on a quest to find the perfect plate of chips, beans, and cheese in the Twin Cities.

~This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, and we hear you screaming for a Top 5 list of ice creameries in town.

~Do you feel like a ding-dong at the wine shop because you don't have a clue what to buy? Let John Glas help with his top choices of wines that you didn't know you were missing.

Have a great weekend, and be cool little Fonzies!

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