Best of Hot Dish: January 28-February 1, 2013

The loveliest of macarons are found at Chez Arnaud.
The loveliest of macarons are found at Chez Arnaud.
Benjamin Carter Grimes

Baby, it sure is cold outside, but we've got some smoking-hot local food and drink news to keep you warm. Here's the latest from this week's Hot Dish.

~St. Paul has gone totally bonkers for French food, with two new spots perfect for the Francophile; read this week's story on French Hen and Chez Arnaud and join us on a tasty little tour.

~There's nothing like a toasty mug of rich and delicious hot chocolate to make a winter day extra fine. Here are our picks for the Top 5  luscious chocolaty sips.

~The whole town's been clamoring for Smack Shack to open its doors and lay those beautiful lobster rolls down. That day is coming soon, as the Shack announces its opening date.

~Oh those Blue Door burgers, so juicy and bursting with love. Longfellow will soon rejoice as Blue Door Pub graces their neighborhood with a new location.

~Take a closer look at some of the Cities' most kick-ass cuisine with Signature Dish; this week we visit with Solera's chef Jorge Guzman and learn more about the man behind the tapas

We hope you have a stellar, Arctic-style, food-and-drink-lovin' Super Bowl weekend! We'll see you back here next week.

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