Best of Hot Dish: February 4-8, 2013

Jamie Malone's gorgeous food artistry. 
Jamie Malone's gorgeous food artistry. 

It's been yet another amazing week of Twin Cities' food and drink news. Here's a little recap of some of the most happening moments from Hot Dish. 

~Everyone is bursting with excitement about Burch, the new steakhouse/pizza bar from Chef Isaac Becker of Bar La Grassa fame. Check out the details of their planned opening date.

~Chef Jamie Malone of Sea Change is renown for creating some of the most lovely dishes in all the winterlands. We have her in the spotlight this week for Signature Dish. 

~Yes, we all do go totally berserkers for the lobster rolls from Smack Shack. Take a first look at their North Loop venue, opening today. 

~The mixmasters at Ward 6 have created an adult milkshake worthy of our "Drink of the Week" honors. Read about it here.

Have a warm and fuzzy weekend, everybody! See you back here next week. 

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