Best of Hot Dish: February 25-March 1, 2013

Cookies and bars with local milk flight from Parka
Cookies and bars with local milk flight from Parka
E. Katie Holm

And again we find ourselves at the end of another fine week of food and drink news from the Hot Dish. Here are a few of the week's top stories.

~We continue the tasty countdown of our 50 favorite dishes with choice picks from Cajun 2 Geaux, A Cupcake Social, and French Hen.

~Go caffeine crazy, as opposed to our usual booze-soaked madness, with a "Drink of the Week" from Peace Coffee.

~Everyone is talking Parka, the new Longfellow dining destination with the stellar bites; read our review and take the tour.

~Celebrate La Belle Vie's 15th anniversary with an interview with the unstoppable Tim McKee.

~This week's "Signature Dish" features Sameh Wadi of Saffron and his heavenly roasted chicken with eggplant lovash.

We hope your weekend is filled with light, love, and beautiful meals. See you back here next week!

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