Best of Hot Dish: April 26th-April 30th, 2010

These Twin Cities are exploding with food news, as the season of all things fresh and bountiful comes upon us. A perfect weekend to hop on the bike, hit the May Day parade, stop at the farmer's market for the earliest harvest items, grill in the yard...there is no limit to the fun. Here at the Hot Dish we have been working hard to inform you of all the latest events and important news in all things food. Here are some of this week's highlights:

  • Are a couple of your favorite things the scent of White Castle slyders and the act of burning candles? Yes? You're in luck, grilled meat-, cheese-, and onion-lovers. Let Rachel Hutton introduce Slyder-scented candles to your world.

  • What is one of the highlights of fresh spring produce? Yes, ramps. Those crazy green onion-meets-leeks-meets-garlic beauties. Kate N.G. Sommers shows you a thing or two to do with ramps, and previews her new tattoo.
  • This weekend check out the Festival of Nations, an international food bonanza with over 300 (!) food items, at St Paul's RiverCentre.
  • And John Glas continues to educate us on the ways of wine. This week he discusses vintage.
Now get on out there and do not forget to stop and smell the lilacs, or make cocktails out of them!