Best new Twin Cities street eats

This week's Dish column visits this season's new fleet of street food vendors in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The new vehicles have greatly expanded the mobile culinary offerings to include everything from meatball subs to frozen cheesecake on a stick. Here are five of our favorite, not-to-be-missed new street food dishes (find the truck's current location by tracking it's twitter feed here):

Best new Twin Cities street eats

5. Barrio's soft shell crab tacos While we're big fans of the Nicollet Mall Barrio, sometimes we don't always have an hour for lunch--and don't want to be tempted by all that fabulous tequila. That's when we hit up the Barrio truck, which offers several new, wheels-only dishes. The soft shell crab taco is one such item, and offers a crunchy riff on the restaurant's famous fish version and loads the tortillas with watercress, tomatillo-watermelon pico de gallo, and avocado cream

Best new Twin Cities street eats

4. Cupcake's Caramel Cubed cupcake It's got a soft, spongy crumb, buttery frosting, and three times the caramel-liciousness--a perfect, and portable, dessert. (That Triple Chocolate in the background isn't bad, either.)

Best new Twin Cities street eats

3. Vellee Deli's Korean BBQ burrito Vellee offers several Asian/Mexican (Asi-can?) fusion foods, including this Korean BBQ burrito. We love the pairing of marinated beef short rib, kimchi, and rice wrapped into a tortilla.

Best new Twin Cities street eats

2. Gastrotruck's sliders Gastrotruck specializes in gourmet sliders in several variations (grass feed beef on the left, black bean on the right in this picture). All the house-made condiments help take the hand-held meal to the next level.

Best new Twin Cities street eats

1. Potter's "Pig" pastie We love the rich, flaky dough that the Potters crew hand-forms into half-moon pockets. Especially when it's filled with shredded pork and apple in the version known as "the Pig."

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