Best foodie sports bars

At Prairie Ale House, you can eat balls <em>and</em> watch football!

At Prairie Ale House, you can eat balls and watch football!

So we here at the Hot Dish hear that there's a big football game going on this weekend, right? Viewing sports outside the home can be fun, but foodies can get stressed about suffering through the typical sports bar sustenance of soggy fries, watery lager, and overcooked burgers.

So for the serious foodie sports fiend--or just for the fair-weather fan who'd rather concern herself with deep-fried pig ears than pigskin--here's our list of the top 5, television-stocked, sports-showing pubs with better-than-average grub:


5. Prairie Ale House This Eden Prairie gastropub, conceived by Aaron Johnson of Town Talk Diner and Strip Club fame, offers everything from deep-fried pickles to such chef-y specials as seared scallops and duck confit.

4. Town Hall Tap Town Hall Brewery's new south Minneapolis bar is a beer-drinkers haven, with a whole slew of domestic crafts and, often, real ale on tap. The burgers are good, the beer cheese soup is better, and the Cuban sandwich is worthy of an end zone dance.

3. BLVD Kitchen Dean Vlahos, founder of the Champps and Redstone chains, has a new venture with a more foodie focus--hence, the word "kitchen" is part of the name. Stick with the jammy barbecue ribs or the slider trio.

2. Travail We can't help you get a table at this white-hot, no-reservations gastro-workshop, but we can tell you what to order: The charcuterie plate, the burger, and the dessert tasting.

Here's what to order at BLVD Kitchen: the ribs.

Here's what to order at BLVD Kitchen: the ribs.

1. Lyndale Tap Lyndale Tap is an Uptown-styled sports bar, with several flat screens, an electronic jukebox, and photos of pinup gals posing with farm animals. Try the signature, Baltimore-style pit beef.