Best Food Trends of the Decade

I recently queried a few local chefs/restaurateurs about their favorite food trends of the 00s--here are a few of the things they named:

1. Spicing it Up Minnesotans are eating more adventurously, especially in regards to eat spicy food. Local East Asian and South Asian restaurants have multiplied and flourished. Padam Sharma, of Everest on Grand, says the process has been gradual, but steady. "At ethnic restaurants such as ours, we are teaching Minnesotans how to eat 'meat and potatoes' with exotic taste!"

Best Food Trends of the Decade

2.Comfort Food The nostalgic home cooking that many chefs grew up on is making a comeback--and that's a good thing. "Chefs are cooking simpler food and putting their own spin on it the presentations are wonderful," says Michael Harper, a corporate executive chef with Morrissey Hospitality, "but more than that the flavors are back and they are to die for!"

3. Local and Sustainable Ingredients Hands-down, the most popular response to this question was the growing commitment to quality ingredients. Russell Klein of Meritage named the increased awareness about local/sustainable foods and Wil Borgstrom of Pazzaluna elaborated: "[Local sourcing transcends just the impact on the environment, it aids in the building of community, responsibility to the earth, the ongoing commitment to quality and the continued building of great local commerce. I as a chef want to know where my food is coming from more now then ever before to ensure healthy and wholesome food to my guests."

Check back tomorrow for the Worst Food Trends of the Decade...

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