Ben Berry, restaurant manager, caught selling counterfeit jerseys

Will Ben Berry pay the price for selling counterfeit goods?

Will Ben Berry pay the price for selling counterfeit goods?

I'm plenty used to seeing Ben Berry's name--the guy sent out press releases practically every time Woolley's Steakhouse served a rib eye.

But last week the restaurant manager's name--Berry was also directing operations at the American Eatery in Eagan and Cork's Irish Pub in St. Paul--popped up somewhere more surprising: on the Eagan police blotter.


The Pioneer Press reports that, according to a criminal complaint, officers purchased a counterfeit sports jersey from Barry, 28, and found nearly 400 counterfeit jerseys, worth about $77,000, at his home.

Apparently Berry was buying knockoffs from China and selling them on Craigslist as well as employing others to sell jerseys for him.

Berry has been charged with two felonies related to selling counterfeit intellectual property, which could carry a penalty of up to five years in prison.

UPDATE: Berry's felony charges were reduced to a gross misdemeanor. He was sentenced to two years probation and more than $4,700 in fines, most of which was restitution. He has since paid all fines.