Ben & Jerry's: Free Cone Day!

Ben & Jerry's: Free Cone Day!

Today is the amazing, once-a-year day when Ben & Jerry's hands out free ice cream cones. Get in line early.

The Burlington, Vermont-based company is well-known for its environmentalism, and is also publicly committed to paying its employees fairly well. Today, we wanted to know why Ben & Jerry's doesn't use Minnesota cows to make its ice cream. Liz Brenna, in Ben & Jerry's PR department, took the question very seriously.

"We've always used the St. Alban co-ops for our production plants here in Vermont, because obviously they're right in our backyard. We actually opened up a plant in Henderson, Nevada, as well, because it was really bad for the environment to ship our ice cream all the way across the country in refrigerated trucks. So we do use family farms in that area as well," Brenna said.

"It's pretty much a location thing. We've been here in Burlington Vermont for 32 years now, and that's just how we've done it. I don't think we've ever ruled out any cow--it's just sort of been an organic process."

The Lake Calhoun Ben & Jerry's, on Excelsior near Whole Foods, is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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