Beloved bakery Muddy Paws Cheesecake has been 'brutally burglarized,' but you can help!

A standard breaking and entering and utterly trashing of a small business

A standard breaking and entering and utterly trashing of a small business GoFundMe

Yes, "brutal blizzard burglary befalls beloved bakery" sounds like a headline a New York Post reporter—and a fictional one, at that—could only come up with in their dreams.

Unfortunately, it actually happened. Here's how Muddy Paws Cheesecake Company owner Tami Cabrera spent her weekend: First, she drove through a blizzard to Stillwater for a wedding reception. Then, she got stuck in a ditch.

Cabrera tells KSTP that not once in her 25 years has she missed a wedding; she wasn't about to let a little snow storm stop her now. Even after getting stuck, she called a Stillwater restaurant to ask them to send over desserts; such was her commitment to getting sweets to the bride and groom.

So that's the kind of person Cabrera is. Which makes it exceedingly shitty that when she finally made it through that ordeal and got back to her St. Louis Park bakery, this is the scene she encountered:

Broken plates. Smashed wedding cake stands. "They stole cash and checkbooks, broke body-sized holes through two sides of the bakery, and then locked themselves out so they had to break through the glass of the front door. Jerks. Total jerks," reads a GoFundMe page created to help Cabrera out.

Again: exceedingly shitty.

The thieves-slash-vandals apparently cut a hole through the roof, ripping out lights and wiring in the process, before utterly ransacking Cabrera's small business.

Now, a little bit of good news: The community is rallying around the beloved bakery owner. That crowdfunding campaign—which was only set up on Saturday—has already raised nearly $14,000. 

"For someone who gives boundlessly to others and charitable organizations, let's rally and get Tami and her small and mighty business back up and running," the page continues. "Insurance will assuredly not cover the damage, and Tami deserves a never-ending supply of love to recuperate her heart, soul, and delicious baked goods from this devastating assault on her livelihood and passion." 

Want to help out yourself? You can find the campaign here.