Bell's Oberon a sure sign of spring

Bell's Oberon a sure sign of spring

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Imminent hellacious weather system be damned. Bell's Oberon comes out today. According to MNBeer, the BLB is having a coming-out party tonight for one of everyone's best spring-summer-and-into-fall friends. Ditto the Bulldog Lowertown tomorrow. Oberon, welcome back. We've missed you.

Bell's describes Oberon thusly: "An American wheat ale brewed with Saaz hops ... [s]picy and fruity ... the color and scent of a sunny afternoon."

Here's what some admirers have to say:

The Grand Rapids Press: "I remember the day my friend Dave Jagger introduced me to Oberon beer. I said: 'What the heck is this?' He replied: 'It's my new favorite beer. You serve it with an orange slice.' Life has never been the same."

The blogosphere: "This beer is brewed to correspond with baseball season, but also helps signal that spring and summer are here. I have very fond memories of this beer and the summer time at college and playing golf with a sixer of this in tow."

The blogosphere 2: "This really is an excellent beer for the summer season or not. It is light, with a sweet ice tea like aroma,mild flavored and little after taste until the very end as the bitterness from the hops kick in. This is one great beer. It is that simple."

One passionate Michigan father made his son a table and lamp out of Oberon mini-kegs and other paraphernalia. Though substantively lost in a recent fire, the duo are undeterred ...

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