Bellecour may be booked, but here are 4 other places to eat and drink in Wayzata

Fresh and bright seafood at Cov.

Fresh and bright seafood at Cov.

The opening of Bellecour in Wayzata has caused no less of a feeding frenzy than when Gavin Kaysen opened Spoon and Stable in the Twin Cities.

Spoon and Stable was anticipated in a way that most restaurants can only dream of, and now it’s happening again. Before the doors of Bellecour on Wayzata’s Lake Street were even open to the public, the place was all but booked solid for months. One thousand reservations were taken in fewer than 24 hours. Evidently, Minnesotans are lusting for some proper French cooking.

But Bellecour is not the only place to dine on fairest Lake Street, a gorgeous little stretch of water-rimmed road in this posh suburb. Even if brushing shoulders with one-percenters isn’t your bag, the wee town of Wayzata can feel like a lovely little vacation near the city, and Bellecour is sure to add to the pleasant seaside-esque vibe.

While you wait for your own crack at a table (click here for a chance at a reservation) here are four other places to eat, drink, and watch the surface of the lake twinkle.

6 Smith
Of course the proper way to arrive at this lakeside spot is by boat, angling the yacht up to the boat slip, gliding cooly along the dock towards to the bar, your Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses at that just-so angle on your nose.

But even if you haven’t got any of that, 6Smith is great for taking in the sights, and not just for gawking at expensive boats but for smiling at the sight of general shoreline merriment. When you’re finished gazing at the water and that lady clutching a handbag costing more than your rent, shift your attentions to the menu.

This is a great place for snacks and drinks, especially the bourbon and bacon set-up, where the two arrive as a single entity. Thick-slab house cured and house-smoked bacon sidles up next to a shot of bourbon, ostensibly for dipping, but it’s best to just sip and nibble, nibble and sip.

Also turn to 6 Smith for classic American favorites like huge cuts of beef and seafood, ladies-who-lunch salads, and big, boozy cocktails.

294 Grove Ln E., Wayzata

Sushi Fix
It’s not hyperbole to say there’s no other place quite like Sushi Fix, in Wayzata or anywhere else.

The crew at this place is so committed to the celebration of sushi culture that dinner here often evolves into a party. The party games at Sushi Fix are many, inclining their famous “ski shot,” which is just as it sounds: a bunch of shot glasses affixed to a ski, so everyone must down theirs simultaneously, no cheating.

But drinking (check out the catalogue of serious Japanese whiskeys) is just an accompaniment to the main event. Seafood preparations at Sushi Fix range from a pair of pristine slivers of highest quality fatty toro, to something you’ve never seen before like cod caviar; to a hundred pieces of many-layered sushi rolls, stacked like rainbow-colored snakes.

How wild the adventure is only limited by your imagination, and your pocketbook. Bring friends. They won’t soon forget their big night out. 

862 Lake St. E., Wayzata

Our pick for the prettiest dining room on the street, Cov is evocative of some colonial retreat, all whitewashed wood, floor-to-ceiling windows and sunlight bouncing off the lake’s surface and onto the rim of your champagne flute. Want to feel fancy? Dine here.

Find more classic American faves, like wood-grilled salmon, smoky ribs, and freshly-tossed pastas. But a better play than all of this is to take a cocktail on the patio as soon as the weather permits, sinking into the plush outdoor furniture and adding a smattering of a few oysters and an order of truffle fries to the mix. Now you’re living how the other half lives.

700 Lake St E, Wayzata

Baja Haus
This Mexico-by-way-of-Japan place from the people behind Sushi Fix will change the way you look at fish tacos.

The interior is a bright and sunny tropical fantasy perfect for dining lakeside, and they aren’t trying to do “authentic’ Mexican anything, which is awesome— it opens the possibilities wide as the sky for interpretation.

Expect made-from-scratch tortillas (and we mean super scratch—they’ll be grinding their own corn), tons of aguachiles and ceviches, fresh mole, and lots and lots of great tequila, mezcal, a perfect margarita, and other delicious cocktails for beating the heat. 

Now open
830 Lake St. E., Wayzata